• Samantha Smith

    Public Speaker-Motivator-Activist


Bringing real life experiences that are relatable and encourage audiences to put in the work to grow.

Activist/Public Speaker

Affluent communicator with a persuasive and inclusive style to empower others to effect positive change.

First Responder

Former Police Officer and Current Volunteer Firefighter allowing the stories to motivate and inspire the audience.

Samantha Smith

Internationally Awarded Public Speaker, Author, First Responder and Activist.

Samantha Smith brings a unique and diverse perspective to her audiences, being a former Police Officer and current Volunteer Firefighter, her stories are impactful and relatable. She has shared her stories of mental health and the LGBTQIA+ community with thousands of people from around the World. Samantha is a proud Lesbian, Wife and Mother who was recently named one of the top 28 speakers in the World at the 2021 World Championship of Public Speaking. She is passionate about mental health awareness and breaking down the barriers, specifically in the LGBTQIA+ community to ensure their voices are heard. Samantha is also a speaking coach who leaves her audiences not only empowered to tell their own story, but calls on them to take action, to be accountable and to effect positive change in their communities to protect those whose lives depend on it.

The Last Call

Be vulnerable and courageous because lives depend on it.

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DE Talk

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Killing law enforcement from within the ranks

Question and Answer Session with Samantha

Speaking Engagements

September 24th, 2021United States Senate Toastmasters (Washington, DC)
October 18th, 2021Cy Fair Super Speakers (Cy-Fair, Texas)
November 1st, 2021The Oak Zone with Jesse Oakley III (Podcast)
November 11th, 2021Pride Across Texas (Houston Texas)
November 15th, 2021Lambda Linguistics Toastmasters (Las Vegas, NV)
February 19th, 2022Toastmasters Leadership Institute Winter Conference (Ontario, Canada)
February 25th, 2022DE Talk Podcast (Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives)
March 30th, 2022Chippewa Valley Technical College in Eau Claire Wisconsin
April 5th 2022Port Arthur Rotary Club in Port Arthur Canada


I’m so proud of you! Samantha you are an Amazing and fierce young lady. When you set a goal there is no stopping you. Your voice….. your story! This is not the end, but the beginning !

So proud of your accomplishments and that I can proudly say I know you and will share because you need to be heard. I think you are amazing.

We were not at the finals, but my husband and I had the honor of hearing your speech first hand a few weeks ago. As I listened, I felt tears welling up until I could no longer contain them. As they spilled over, my first thought was “wow! This is going to win this hands down. The comments here are correct. People are not ready to hear your message. For this speech not make it to the semifinals is so disappointing, not because you are a friend, but because the message, the artistry, the delivery, were all deserving of winning first place. It was disappointing because as Americans we have not yet matured enough to handle the truth about who we still are. It was disappointing because we still have not learned to just love one another. But there are a ton of people who get you, support you, and believe in your story, so forge ahead with your message Samantha. You’ve got this!!

Really wonderful and inspiring speech. It’s important to have people speaking out against homophobia everywhere – but especially an international stage.

Samantha Smith, please keep sharing that story. Your story is the story of so many people.

Great speech! Thank you.

Your story will change many lives.. Samantha Smith its amaizing

I thought Samantha’s keynote was excellent.  One of the best I’ve heard.  Her speaking style is engaging, open and approachable.  Her openness with the audience is amazing and invites others to be open and vulnerable.  The content was educating, interesting, and, at times, distressing.  But not distressing to the point where the audience shuts down.  She knows exactly how much to give to make the salient point but not linger so long on the negative as to leave us hopeless.  And I like it when keynote speakers engage in Q&A.  It’s through Q&A that I find I learn even more.

Thank you to District 106 for bringing the subject area to the forefront and inviting such an engaging speaker.


Mental health

Diversity and Inclusion

LGBTQIA+ workplace awareness


Women in the workplace

Young professionals

Samantha Smith

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